Niagara 2
St. George's 15
Amity 32
Reunion 103
Ivy 115
Mountain 221
Seymour 277
Dufferin 338
Adanac 614
Garden City 616
Brock Daylight 745




Check out just how well your lodge brethren are visiting on the District Deputy Nights

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395-397 Ontario St.

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Mon Wed: 4pm - 8pm

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Please be aware that one of the Brethren that attended Dufferin 338's Installation Tuesday evening tested positive for Covid on

Thursday, June 23. You may wish to not visit anyone until Sunday. There is apparently a five day period in which you can get the virus.

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The Grand Master, M.W. Bro. David J. Cameron,
is pleased to welcome you...

The Communique - June 2022

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This year R.W. Bro. Brett Dickinson, DistrictDeputy Grand Master of Niagara A District has chosen Feed Ontario through the Masonic Foundation of Ontario as the District Charity.    OUR NUMBER: 2413

Niagara A District Tentative Events

Official Visits
Mountain - February 17 POSTPONED
Niagara - March 2 POSTPONED
Amity - March 9
Garden City & Brock Daylight - Combined Virtual March 14
Dufferin - POSTPONED
Reunion - March 16
Ivy - To be determined
Seymour - To be determined
Adanac - April 7 (homecoming) POSTPONED

 St. George's - June 14
Brock Daylight - March 12 POSTPONED
Reunion - April 20, 2022
  Garden City - May 9
Amity - May 11
Dufferin - June 21
St. George's - June 28
Mountain - October 20

Niagara - December 27
Ivy - To be determined
Seymour - To be determined

District Crossover Visits
Niagara B to A - March 16, 2022 at Reunion Lodge CANCELLED
Niagara A to B - March 21, 2022 at Phoenix Lodge CANCELLED

District Divine Service
To Be Determined

Lodge of Instruction
To Be Determined

District Meetings
Friday June 3rd at 7 pm. at the MMTA

Travelling Gavel

Who's Got It?
Amity No. 32 picked it up from Niagara No. 2 on Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 at their Official Visit.




Inter-District Busting Gavel

Where is it?
Brock Daylight No. 745 paid a visit to Phoenix No. 535 on November 19th, 2018 to leave the gavel in Niagara B District.

The Travelling Trowel

The Trowel is to be delivered to another Lodge by the Worshipful Master where a First Degree is being held and it must be presented by the newest Mason of the delivering lodge.  Its intent is to promote travelling and visitation by the newer members within the district.

Watch for it coming to your Lodge from Brock Daylight Lodge 745.   It was delivered to them on September 14, 2019 by Garden City Lodge 616.



R.W. Bro. Brett Dickinson


W. Bro. Colin Smagata


Grand Lodge Officers in Niagara A District - 21/22

V.W. Bro. David Patterson - Grand Steward
 R.W. Bro. Bradley D. Kempston - Grand Registrar
R.W. Bro. Edward F. Dunnsmore 'Elected' Member of the Board of General Purposes

R.W. Bro. Michael J. Locke - 'Honorary' Member of the Board of General Purposes
R.W. Bro. P. Ray Borland - 'Appointed' Member of the Board of General Purposes
See Trestle Board or Calendar for Regalia Presentation times..

                                                        District Appointments - 2021/22
Bro. Sheldon KofskyFCF

V.W. Bro. Douglas Pollard

Blood Donors
V.W. Bro. Robert O. Siemens

Computer Resources
R.W. Bro. Bruce McLennan

By-Law Review
R.W. Bro. David Gillis

District Mentoring
R.W. Bro. George Fairbairn
Grand Lodge Incentive Program
R.W. Bro. Michael J. Locke

Special Events
Bro. Adam Palechuk

District Planning
W. Bro. Raivo Tahiste

R.W. Bro. Robert Park

W. Bro. Chuck Cossette

District Lodge Coordinator
W. Bro. Brent Julian