Niagara No. 2
St. George's No. 15
Amity No. 32
Maple Leaf No. 103
Ivy No. 115
Mountain No. 221
Seymour No. 277
Temple No. 296
Dufferin No. 338
Coronation No. 502
Adanac No. 614
Perfection No. 616
St. Andrews No. 661
Grantham No. 697
Brock Daylight No. 745




Check out just how well your lodge brethren are visiting on the District Deputy Nights

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No. 473

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April 1, 2017
Hockey Night in Niagara
Ridley College Arena
Family Skate - 5:00PM
Hamilton B vs Niagara A

April 8
Vimy Ridge 100th Anniversary Memorial Parade

April 20, 2017
Mountain 221
Grand Lodge presents:       
     Cornerstone Workshop
       R.W. Bro. Art Di Cecco


April 30

District Divine Service

Balls Falls - 10:30 am


Ivy 115
Ladies Night
May 5


May 6th, 2017
Maple Leaf Lodge
18th Century Degree


Second Annual
Golf Tournament
Sunday, June 4, 2017

Registration Form
Fill out and
email or mail



















The Grand Master, John C. Green,
is pleased to welcome you...


March 2017 D.D.G.M Communique

Previous Communigues

Travelling Gavel

Who's Got It?
Adanac 614 picked it up from Grantham 697 on Monday, November 28th at their Official Visit.

Inter-District Busting Gavel

Where is it?
Merritt Lodge No. 168 paid a visit to St. Andrew's No. 661 on February 24th, 2017 to leave the gavel in Niagara A District.


The Travelling Trowel

The Trowel is to be delivered to another Lodge by the Worshipful Master where a First Degree is being held and it must be presented by the newest Mason of the delivering lodge.  It's intent is to promote travelling and visitation by the newer members within the district.

Watch for it coming to your Lodge from Perfection No. 616.   It was delivered to them on March 13, 2017 by Ivy No. 115.



District Charity 2016 - 2017

A Cancer Research Project

If you are sending a cheque to The Masonic Foundation of Ontario supporting Prostate Hope please attach the following number in order to have Niagara A recognized for the contribution. You will still get your receipt. 






Check Out the Great Fund Raisers for the Niagara "A" District

The winners of the Coronation Lodge Bird House were Dale and Jeannie
Olm of Ottawa.  Dale was the Grand Director of Ceremonies in 2004-5.

Thank you to everyone who participated, we raised $800 for Prostate Hope.




R.W. Bro. Thomas A. Wills

10-61 Lake Street
Grimsby, ON   L3M 2G6
C: (905) 317-4437
H: (289) 235-7847



W. Bro. Lawrence R. Johnson

126 Rock Street
Box 3

Smithville, ON   L0R 2A0

(905) 957-3786

Grand Lodge Appointments - 2016/17


V.W. Bro. Thomas Randy Thompson (Amity No. 32) - Grand Standard Bearer

V.W. Bro. Colin Albert Martin (Grantham No. 697) - Grand Steward

V.W. Bro. Michael J. Locke - Member of Board of General Purposes
R.W. Bro. George Mitchell - Member of Board of General Purposes

See Trestle Board or Calendar for Regalia Presentation times.

District Appointments - 2016/17
Masonic Education Chairman

V.W. Bro. Michael Locke FCF

Member of the Board
Perfection Lodge No. 616

District Treasurer
V.W. Bro. Douglas Pollard
Ivy Lodge No. 115

Project Hope Chairman
R.W. Bro. Doug McLaren
Coronation Lodge No. 502

Masonic CHip Program
W. Bro. Chuck Cossette
St Georges Lodge No. 15

Long Range Planning
W. Bro. Mark Molnar
Perfection Lodge No. 616

District Chaplain
Bro. Sheldon Kofsky
Brock Daylight Lodge No. 745

Lodge Social Event Coordinator
W. Bro. Mark Greco
Temple Lodge No. 296

Masonic Foundation/
Benevolence Chairman

R.W. Bro. Ray Borland
St Andrews Lodge No. 661

DDGM Advisory Committee
All PDDGMs Niagara A District

District Photographer
V.W. Bruce Roland
Ivy Lodge No. 115

District Historian
W. Bro. Gordon Bouchard
Niagara No. 2

Cornerstone Project Coordinator
V.W. Bro. Christopher Wojtowicz
Maple Leaf No. 103

District Blood Donors Chairman
R.W. Bro. Norman McLean
Dufferin Lodge 338

Niagara A District Liaison
to Niagara B District

V.W. Bro. Ziggy Irion
Adanac Lodge No. 614

Mentors/Friend to
Friend Chairman

W. Bro. Kevin Haner
Ivy Lodge No. 115

District Lodge Coordinator
W. Bro. Graeme McLoughlin
St. Andrews Lodge No. 661

Protocol & Etiquette Chairman
W. Bro. Christopher Clements
Coronation Lodge No. 502

Computer Resources Chairman
R.W. Bro. Bruce McLennan
Dufferin Lodge No. 338