"Centennial Visitors' Gavel"


The idea of this Centennial project of Adanac Lodge No.614 was first presented to the Lodge by the Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Charles Sandison at the regular meeting on June 2nd, 1966. He explained that, as Lodge attendance in general in the District seemed to be lagging, such a project might stimulate interlodge visitation.

The idea being considered an excellent one, it was moved by V.W. Bro. Walter Smith, seconded by Bro. Geo. Rorison, and unanimously agreed that W. Bro. Charles Sandison proceed with this, his project.

At The regular meeting of Adanac Lodge on March 2nd, 1967, the night of the visit of the District Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Fred Collard to the Lodge, W. Bro. Sandison presented the W. Master, W. Bro. N. W. Horne, with the Centennial Visitors' Gavel to be presented to the Lodge having the most visitors present at the meeting. Niagara Lodge No.2, the home Lodge of the D.D.G.M., R.W. Bro. Fred Collard carried home the Gavel, having the honour of being the first Lodge in the District so to do.

This "Centennial Visitors' Gavel" is to be presented by each "holding" Lodge, at its next regular meeting, to the Lodge having the most visitors present, and so on month by month.

The circulation of this Gavel is to be restricted to the Lodges of Niagara District "A" only and can only be claimed if seven or more brethren of the Lodge claiming the Gavel are present at the meeting.


Excerpted from the green book "Travel Record of Visitors Gavel" that accompanies the Gavel.