District Attendance Award

Official Visits of Niagara "A" Lodges showing the Number of Visiting Lodge Brethren and the Lodge's Place in line for the Trophy

 The Winner for 2023/24 - Niagara No. 2

Rules ....... 

  • The program will be based solely on the attendance at Official Visits.

  • The District Secretary will call the roll of lodges at Official Visits and record the number of attendees from each Lodge.

  • The host Lodge will be excluded from the roll call.

  • The D.D.G.M. and the District Secretary represent the District and will therefore be excluded from the count.

  • The numbers will be recorded to a chart that may be periodically posted in our Lodge buildings and this website.

  • The roll call will commence on the first Official Visit of each Masonic year and continue until completion of the last Official Visit of the Masonic year.

  • The Attendance Award will be announced and presented by the District Deputy Grand Master at his home Lodge official visit (homecoming).

  • The recipient Lodge will display the trophy at each of its meetings for the subsequent year ensuring its safety at all times.

  • The Worshipful Master of the recipient Lodge will transport the trophy to the following year's presentation and assist the District Deputy Grand Master in his presentation.