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Ivy Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 115 G.R.C.

4276 Mountain Street, Beamsville

7:30 pm, 1st Tuesday of the month except in July and August - Intallation is at 7:00 pm.


V.W. Bro. Douglas Pollard

5140 Crimson King Way

Beamsville, ON   L0R 1B8

(905) 563-7709


W. Bro. Kevin Haner

5078 Friesen Blvd.

Beamsville, ON   L0R 1B9

(905) 327-3040


Official Visit - April 3, 2018 Installation - January 4, 2018 Ladies Night - May 12, 2018  Our own website  

Officers Invested - January 2018 Committees Struck - January 2018
Worshipful Master V.W. Bro. Doug Pollard
Immediate Past Master  
Senior Warden R.W. Bro. Patrick McGrenere
Junior Warden Bro. Nicholas Kasan
Chaplain W. Bro. David Cornelius
Treasurer V.W. Bro. Adrian de Vos
Secretary W. Bro. Kevin Haner
Senior Deacon Bro. Joshua Bigger
Junior Deacon Bro. Thomas Ziemkiewicz
Senior Steward Bro. Fraser Martin
Junior Steward Bro. Michael Brogan
Inner Guard Bro. Jon Williams
Tyler R.W. Bro. Ross Pulford
Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. Ted Dunsmore
Historian TBA
Charitable & Benevolence R.W. Bro. Ross Pulford
Bro. Joshua Bigger
General Purposes R.W. Bro. Patrick McGrenere
All Officers and Past Masters
Finances / Dues R.W. Bro. Patrick McGrenere
V.W. Bro. Adrian de Vos

V.W. Bro. Doug Pollard
W. Bro. Kevin Haner
Blood Donors Bro. Rudy Schindel
Long Range Planning

R.W. Bro. Ross Pulford
V.W. Bro. Adrian de Vos
V.W. Bro. Doug Pollard
W. Bro. Kevin Haner

Auditors R.W. Bro. Patrick McGrenere
Bro. Angelo DiLettera
Mentors Program W. Bro. Kevin Haner
Trustee Board

V.W. Bro. Doug Pollard
W. Bro. Kevin Haner
W. Bro.
Steve Leistner
Bro. Jon Williams/span

Visitation Bro. Nicholas Kasan
Bro. Thomas Ziemkiewicz
Past Masters of Ivy Past Grand Lodge Officers Ivy's History Home