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Avakian Michael W.M. mavakian@sympatico.ca Adanac
Barbacki Scott A. P.M. sbarbacki@hotmail.com Maple Leaf
Biggar George V.W. georgeandsally@bell.net Coronation
Birdsall William V.W. wm.birdsall@cogeco.ca St. George's
Bivens Ronald R.W. rhb1933@rogers.com Coronation
Bowman RD "Don" P.M. cheldon@computan.on.ca St.George's
Brandon Tony P.M. tonybrandon9@gmail.com Niagara
Brooks Floyd R.W. brookspinky@yahoo.ca Mountain
Candelino Gerry Bro. gerrycandelino@gmail.com Grantham
Chapman John V.W.
Cherrie Scott Bro.


Cossette Chuck W.M. paws713@sympatico.ca St. George's
Crawford Alex P.M. acrawford001@sympatico.ca St. George's
Cullen Brian P.M. bcullen2@cogeco.ca St. George's
Cuttriss Rick V.W. rickcuttriss@gmail.com rickcuttriss@gmail.com
Dauphney George V.W. gdauphney@sympatico.ca Adanac
Davis J. Scott Bro. jscott.davis@cibc.com St. Andrew's
Day Michael P.M. mikeday2056@gmail.com Temple Lodge
Dean Glenn B. P.M. gdean2@cogeco.ca Grantham
Dempsey Andrew P.M. adempsey@cogeco.ca Maple Leaf
deVos Adrian L. V.W. andy11@sympatico.ca Ivy
Dickinson Brett P.M. BDickinson@cogeco.ca Adanac
Dixon Robert P.M. rtdixon836@gmail.com Mountain
Downes Robert P.M. bbydnr@sympatico.ca St. Andrew's
Dunsmore Edward F. P.M. ted.dunsmore@sympatico.ca Ivy
Edward Steven A. P.M.
Etling Jeff P.M. jetling@gmail.com Dufferin
Freeman Roger P.M. rogerfreeman@sympatico.ca St. George's
Fretz Bryan P.M. bryan@carefulmoney.com Amity
Gaines George V.W. mgaines@bell.net Grantham
Garrett Doug R.W. dgarrett10@cogeco.ca Niagara
Gillis David R.W. dgillis1314@yahoo.ca St. George's
Glover David P.M. highlandchefs@sympatico.ca St. Andrew's
Grecco Mark P.M. markgrecco@bell.net Temple
Green Richard A. V.W. richardg1960@gmail.com St. George's
Hagadorn Bob Bro. rmhjmh@hotmail.com Maple Leaf
Hanam Fred P.M. fhanam@sympatico.ca Maple Leaf
Haner Kevin P.M. twohaners@sympatico.ca Ivy
Hart John P.M. briar1937@hotmail.com Amity
Hawman Edmund P.M. Ed.Hawman@sympatico.ca St. Andrew's
Hill John Bro.


Hunter Ron V.W. rnnhunter@cogeco.ca Coronation
Irion Ziggy V.W. ziggy.irion@gmail.com Adanac
Jobson Robert D. Bro. rjobson@dannel.on.ca St. George's
Johnston Ed Bro. ewj@vaxxine.com St. George's
Julian Robert H. P.M. rhj.98@xplornet.ca Temple
Kertyzia Eugene G. P.M. temple296@hotmail.com Temple
Klotz Peter P.M. pklotz@cogeco.ca St. George's
Kofsky Sheldon Bro. mason@jmaks.ca Brock Daylight
Kovacs John Bro. jdk9@vaxxine.com Perfection
Lampman David P.M. dagger1958@hotmail.ca Amity
Lecompte Patrick P.M. ptlecompte@hotmail.com Adanac
Lee John V.W. jlee270@cogeco.ca Adanac
Levanoni Eli P.M. elevanoni@cogeco.ca St. Andrew's
Levanoni Yonathan Katz Bro. ylevanoni@cogeco.ca St. Andrew's
Levy Bert P.M. bert_levy@sbcglobal.net Amity
Lewis Tom R.W. tom.lewis@sympatico.ca St. Andrew's
Lintaman Darrell V.W. darrelllintaman@sympatico.ca  Seymour
MacDonald Kyle P.M. kmacdonald@execulink.com Amity
MacKenzie Peter P.M. peter_mackenzie_1@sympatico.ca St. Andrew's
Maddaloni Tony P.M. tonymadda@gmail.com St. George's
Martin Colin P.M. Colin.Martin53@icloud.com Grantham
Maw Edward Bro.
St. Andrew's
McCarthy Stewart V.W. cmccarthy8@cogeco.ca Niagara
McLay Archie V.W. amclay@cogeco.ca Grantham
McLaren Doug R.W. doug.mclaren@electricalsafety.on.ca Coronation
McLean Norm R.W. nemclean8@live.ca Dufferin
McLennan Bruce R.W. bruce.mclennan@trilogentech.com Dufferin
McGilvray David V.W. dmcgilvray@pymandcooper.ca Mountain
McLeod Glenn P.M. glennmcleod@primus.ca Coronation
McLoughlin William V.W. oorwullie@sympatico.ca St. Andrew's
Miller Stephen P.M. stephenmiller14@sympatico.ca Adanac
Mills Alan P.M. allanmills@hotmail.com Coronation
Molnar Mark P.M. towncrier@cogeco.ca Perfection
Monteith Dan P.M. dmonteith2@cogeco.ca St. George's
Morris J. Peter P.M. mozzz_99@yahoo.ca Coronation
Nehring Bernard V.W. BLN1944@aol.com Grantham
Paige Rodney P.M. rpaige@sympatico.ca Temple
Palmer Mike V.W.


Park Robert R.W. parksrangers5@hotmail.com Adanac
Patterson David P.M.


Payette John R. V.W. jrpayette33@gmail.com St. Andrew's
Penton Larry V.W. thepentons@sympatico.ca Perfection
Pollard Doug V.W. doug.pollard@sympatico.ca Ivy
Powell Bill R.W. bill.powell@sympatico.ca St. Andrew's
Prudhomme David R.W. jdprudhomme@hotmail.com Temple
Pulford Ross R.W. rpulford5@cogeco.ca Ivy
Pirbus Les P.M. lmpirbus@sympatico.ca Grantham
Quinn John R.W. niagarajq@gmail.com Niagara
Richards Jason Bro. nucraft@mergetel.com St. George's
Robles Antonio (Tony) V.W. trobles@sympatico.ca St. George's
Roland Bruce V.W. bruce.roland@sympatico.ca Ivy
Sandison Don P.M. adanaclodge@gmail.com Adanac
Andy P.M. ascandrett@cogeco.ca Adanac
Seyffert Donald R.W. y2k_master@yahoo.ca Maple Leaf
Shaver Paul W. R.W. pc.shaver@hotmail.com Amity
Shedden Lewis P.M. sheddenl@hotmail.com Dufferin
Sorley Jim P.M sorleyjim@gmail.com Adanac
Thin John S. P.M. j.thin@sympatico.ca Seymour
Thomas William P.M. wthomas86@cogeco.ca St. Andrew's
Thompson T. Randy V.W. randythompson@bellnet.ca Amity
Thompson James B. V.W. ve3bca@vaxxine.com St. George's
Tucker Robert W. R.W. dtucker3@cogeco.ca Grantham
Vernal Daniel V.W. danvernal@hotmail.com Mountain
Walz Al Bro. awalz1@cogeco.ca St. George's
Whitehead David P.M. Husqvarna@bell.net Perfection
Wills David P.M. dbwills@yahoo.com Seymour
Wills Tom R.W. tawills33@gmail.com Coronation
Wojtowicz Chris V.W. wojo338@gmail.com Dufferin
Woodland Ted R.W. ejwoody@warplink.com Maple Leaf
Young Robert P.M. Ur_ventures@franchiseu.biz St. Andrew's
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