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    On May 6, 1958, an interested group of nine Master Masons met at the home of Bro. Stanley D. Costen to discuss the formation of a new Masonic Lodge to fill an evident need in this area. W. Bro. B.E. Schaab was chosen chairman and W. Bro. W.W. Tanner as Secretary. The Brethren were authorized at this meeting to approach R.W. Bro. Farr, D.D.G.M. of Niagara District "A", and R.W. Bro. E.G. Dixon, the Grand Secretary, and Seymour Lodge re fostering the new Lodge.

    At a meeting held on May 20, 1958, reports re the above actions were considered. The name "Grantham Lodge" was chosen, so named after the Township of Grantham, fees and dues were decided; other Lodges in the jurisdiction were asked for approval, and a nominating committee was named.

    On June 3, 1958, the first meeting was held in Seymour Masonic Hall with 28 Masons present. All previous actions were upheld, the rental agreement with Seymour Masonic Hall was struck and the slate of officers approved. The first Master of our Lodge was W. Bro. Frank G. White, a Past Master of Adoniram #573. The approval of most of the Lodges in the jurisdiction was received and the charter Member list closed. Our petition for a dispensation to form Grantham Lodge received its final approval on September 8, 1958.
    On September 29, 1958, M.W. Bro. W.J. Dunlop, assisted by other Grand Lodge officers, performed the Ceremony of institution. Much necessary regalia and working tools were presented by various Lodges and individuals. Ten Past Masters and thirty brethren were accepted as Charter Members and signed the petition for a dispensation.

    The new Grantham Lodge accepted twenty members by initiation and three members by affiliation the following year and has since continued to thrive.

Some Highlights in the History of Grantham Lodge


         From its inception in September of 1958 to the present time Grantham Lodge has continued to flourish and be a very active lodge in Niagara A District.

         Since 1973 Grantham Lodge has exchanged Fraternal Visits with Medina Lodge No. 336 of the Grand Lodge of New York in Medina N.Y. from which many lasting friendships have developed which continue to this day.

         The annual installation of officers was changed in 1988 from January to June to coincide with the majority of the Lodges in Niagara A District.

         In 1995 the widow of our very first Master presented the Lodge with a new Altar Cloth in memory of her late husband W. Bro. Frank G. White. At the same time a new Worshipful Master's Pedestal cloth was presented in memory of W. Bro. Wm. Phillips by members of his family.

         New Wardens Pedestal Cloths were also purchased by donations from members of the lodge.

         In 1997 a special award called the Trevor M. Thomas award was created for distinguished service to our Lodge by a brother who has served the Lodge above and beyond the call of duty.  It is not an annual award but is given only when a board of Past Masters feels that a brother is worthy of receiving this honour.  To date five brothers have received this award.  They are Bro. Gil Walby in 1997, Bro. William Lundy in 1999, W. Bro. Roger Freeman in 2002, W. Bro. Archie McLay in 2007 and Bro. Ivan St. Pierre in 2014.

         For the first forty-six years of the existence of Grantham our meetings were held in the Seymour Masonic Hall in Port Dalhousie Ward but in April of 2005 we changed our venue to the Memorial Masonic Temple in downtown St. Catharines.

         The members of Grantham Lodge have for many years supported Women’s Place Niagara (now called Gillian’s Place) and in 2006 our Lodge under the direction of V.W. Bro Norm Pemberton and W. Bro. Les Pirbus took on a special fund raising dinner dance to assist this organization in their relocation to a new facility.

         The year 2008 marked our 50th Anniversary and it is our hope that this lodge will continue to flourish over many more years to come.


V.W. Bro. George Gaines


Revised 2015

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