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Coronation Lodge History

Free Masonry has had a long standing presence in the Town of Smithville. Originally instituted as Ivy Lodge number 115 in 1859. As the membership grew more and more men from the Beamsville area became members and soon outnumbered the men from Smithville. The lodge was moved to Beamsville in 1871. In 1911 a number of Masons from Smithville decided to re establish the lodge in Smithville. The charter members, eight in number, received their dispensation in 1912 and the lodge's warrant in 1913.

Coronation lodge is a rural lodge. It was originally known as a "Moon" lodge (meeting on the first Monday of the month), a term that may not be known to newer Masons. During the early days, many members attended lodge by horse and buggy and needed the light of the moon to safely make it to lodge and home again.

A devastating fire in 1913 destroyed the lodge hall and all records of the lodge up to that point. It is known that in 1912 the membership stood at approximately 30 men. By 1922 there were 89 members and by 1932 the membership stood at 126. The lodge membership currently stands at 96 members.

Coronation lodge met in several locations after the fire of 1913. One brother, H. Gracey, agreed to rent the upstairs of a new building he was constructing in town to the members of Coronation lodge. The lodge remained there until 1921. The lodge met at the Methodist church from 1921 until moving again in 1922. The lodge met a the Vail and Wilcox hall from 1922 until the completion of Coronation lodge's permanent home in 1926.

In the spring of 1926 property was purchased in town and a work bee was held to build the new lodge hall. Many members and their families participated in the construction of the new building. Coronation lodge has met in this hall since 1926 and continues to meet there today.  
Coronation Home Niagara "A" Home