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    Several Masons living in the town of Merriton and belonging to Lodges in the Niagara District decided they should have a Lodge of their own in Merriton. On February 27th, 1922 the first of several meetings was held and in June of 1922 a request for dispensation went to Grand Lodge. The D.D.G.M. at that time R.W. Bro. J.C. Lymburner examined the officers in the work of the various degrees and recommended to Grand Lodge that dispensation be granted. Two names were suggested for the new Lodge "Adanac" and Glimmering Light" with Adanac the most favoured. On October 30th, 1922 R.W. Bro. W.F. Fawcett of McNab Lodge,  No.169 Port Colbourne installed and invested the officers of Adanac Lodge.

    The minutes of meetings of Adanac Lodge from February 27th, 1922 to an emergent meeting September 20th, 1923 were all written up in a school scribbler.

    Mountain Lodge  No.221 being the Mother Lodge of Adanac, W. Bro. Robert A. Gibson of Mountain was installed as the first Worshipful Master of Adanac.

Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Inner Guard
Senior Steward
Junior Steward
D of C
Bro. H.L. Savigny
Bro. S.A. Moffatt
Bro. Robert Bradley
Bro. L.R. Thompson
Bro. Robert Stuart
Bro. Fred Kerr
Bro. Peter Rennie
Bro. W.F. Davidson
Bro. F. Sutherland
Bro. Rev. H.L. Almon, D.D.
Bro. C.R. Kline
Bro. C. Weaver
Bro. J. Prophet
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Maple Leaf Lodge No.103
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
St Machor Lodge No.319 Aberdeen
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Maple Leaf Lodge No.103
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
The above Officers and the following Brethren are Charter Members of Adanac Lodge.
Bro. Jos. D. Hilts
Bro. Jas. J. Keating
Bro. J.F. Vanderburgh M.D.
Bro. William Shearman
Bro. Thomas Clark
Bro. Arthur Watson
Bro. John Reid
Bro. David D. Dundas
Bro. George E. Barge
Bro. Charles Wheeler
Bro. Robert Carmichael
Bro. Robert H. Ford
Bro. Edwin Stuart
Bro. Thomas Coley
Bro. Charles Newell
Bro. Percy R. Embury
Bro. Russell Frankish
Bro. George A Wilson
Bro. Lloyd Richardson
Bro. Chris J. Hastings
Bro. H.J. Thurman
Bro. David F. Sharpe
Bro. Wm. T. Thompson
Bro. Stanley A. Carson
Bro. Walter Price
Bro. L.H. Mitchell
Bro. Archie Russell
Bro. George Adam
Bro. Thomas Fairburne
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Mountain Lodge No.221
Maple Leaf Lodge No.103
Maple Leaf Lodge No.103
Maple Leaf Lodge No.103
Maple Leaf Lodge No.103
St. George's Lodge No.15
Maple Leaf Lodge No.119 Bath
Dufferin Lodge No.338
Russell Lodge No.479 Russell
Niagara Lodge No.2
Onandago No.519 Caledonia ON.
Solomon No.197 Kasberbrough
Defensive Band No.151 Edinburgh
Occidental No.766 Buffalo N.Y.

    Original plans were to meet at 140 Oakdale Avenue but between June and September of 1922 plans changed and the first meeting was held at 337 Merritt Street. A stock company was formed among the brethren and called "Merritton Masonic Ltd." The money raised was used to purchase 341 Merritt Street. In 1956 all outstanding shares were redeemed and in 1957 the Lodge and the store below became the property of Adanac Lodge. On the evening of October 30th, 1922 the institution ceremony was held. Many Masons from neighbouring and United States lodges were in attendance.

    The building at 341 Merritt Street was sold during the summer of 1981 and arrangements were made to meet in Seymour Masonic Temple, Port Dalhousie. Our first meeting there was September 3rd, 1981. We continue to meet at Seymour Masonic Temple.

    Adanac has always made a practice of investigating Brethren who fall in arrears and if we find they are in dire straits at the time, Adanac pays their dues until they become financially stable. Adanac also holds a picnic in July and a Christmas dinner in December for members, families and friends. The widows come free to both and transportation is arranged for them. At the Christmas dinner the widows receive a Shrine Christmas cake or a box of shortbread. Widows pins have been presented to all widows.

Dated September 29th, 1998

by S.N. Hough - Historian


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Adanac Lodge #614, A.F. & A.M., G.R.C in the Province of Ontario




At the Installation of Officers and in particular, the Investiture of the Historian of the Lodge, it is stated that he is expected with diligence and discrimination to faithfully record and report the events of the Lodge in order that the brethren of the future may know and appreciate the past. Old records have a way of disappearing even as the familiar lines of old faces are gradually erased from our memory. That which follows is an effort to provide the opportunity for the greying members to reminisce and for the newly admitted members to become familiar with the names of those who laid the foundation and structure of our Lodge. It is in the hands of the many to come whether the slowly rising structure of the Lodge becomes as a thing of beauty or a Tower of Babel but it should always be remembered as we move forward in time that;


Coming together is but a beginning.


Keeping together is progress.


Working together is success.


The original volume of this History was presented with the compliments of Right Worshipful Brother Alpheus V. Hammond, Past District Deputy Grand Master of Niagara District "A" And Past Worshipful Master of Adanac Lodge No. 614 in 1939. In the hopes that a Brother of Adanac, sometime in the future, may pick up the thread and produce the second volume.


Adanac Lodge #614, A.F. & A.M., G.R.C in the Province of Ontario


                It has been said that Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103, St. Catharines was the "Mother" Lodge of Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold and that Mountain in turn, begat Adanac Lodge No. 614, Merritton. A look at the list of Charter Members would seem to bear this out.  Of the 43 brethren to whom Adanac owes its beginning, no less than 27 were members of Mountain Lodge.  Of the balance, 3 hailed from Scotland, 1 from the U.S.A. and the Niagara District was well represented by brethren from 7 "Sister" Lodges.

            It is my belief that the first chapter of this history should be dedicated to the brethren of Mountain Lodge and I do so now dedicate it.

            Even as Hiram of Tyre assisted his Royal brother Solomon with men and materials, so the brethren of Mountain Lodge gave of their time and talents.  Their steadying influences and guiding hands were everywhere evident in the early days of Adanac and many of them backed up their belief in Adanac's future with their money by purchasing shares in the Company formed to assure their Merritton brethren a home.

            Among the many, there were four Anchor Men whose names appear constantly in the minutes and who were towers of strength to Adanac Lodge in its infancy.  They were R.W. Bro. J. Calvin Lymburner of Clifton Lodge No. 254, Niagara Falls, Ont., and W. Bros. H. B. Ward, Les O'Connor and George Stanley of Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.   As a token of the esteem in which they were held and in recognition of their assistance, these brethren were presented with Honorary Life Memberships by the brethren of Adanac in March 1924.

            Some years ago, the Editor of the St. Catharines daily newspaper, in an editorial, remarked that one of the characteristics of the citizens of Merritton that he admired was their independence.         

            This independence manifested itself fraternally in the desire for the members of the Craft residing in Merritton, for a Lodge of their own.  On February 27, 1922 the first of a series of meetings was held and in June of the same year a request for Dispensation went forward to the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario. 

            The D. D. G. M. (District Deputy Grand Master) at that time, R.W. Bro. J. C. Lymburner examined the Officers in the work of the various Degrees and unhesitatingly recommended to the Grand Lodge that the Dispensation be granted.   Two names were suggested for the new Lodge being "Adanac" and "Glimmering Light" with "Adanac" being the most favoured.

            The brethren elected and appointed as the first officers were;

Worshipful Master -                W. Bro. Robert A. Gibson        Mountain Lodge No. 221

Senior Warden -                      Bro. H. L. Savigny                           "          "          "

Junior Warden -                       Bro. S. A.  Moffatt                          "          "          "

Senior Deacon -                       Bro. Robert Bradley                       "          "          "

Junior Deacon -                        Bro. L. R. Thompson               Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103

Inner Guard -                            Bro. Robert Stuart                  Mountain Lodge No. 221

Senior Steward -                       Bro. Fred Kerr                                "          "          "

Junior Steward -                       Bro. Peter Rennie                   St. Machor Lodge No. 319 Aberdeen

Treasurer -                               Bro. W. F. Davidson               Mountain Lodge No. 221

Secretary -                                Bro. F. Sutherland                          "          "          "

Chaplain -                                 Bro. Rev. H. L. Almon            Mountain Lodge No. 221

Director of Ceremonies -          Bro. C. R. Kline                              "          "          "

Organist -                                 Bro. C. Weaver                              "          "          "

Tyler -                                        Bro. J. Prophet                              "          "          "


            Bro. Walter Sharp deserves mention at this time for the excellent manner in which he kept the minutes of the preparatory meeting.

            Originally, it was intended that the Lodge should hold their meeting above a store situated at what is now 140 Oakdale Avenue but between June and September of 1922 the plans were changed and the first meeting place was at 337 Merritt Street, a much more central location.




            The first of many outstanding nights in Adanac's history was the Instituting Ceremony on Monday evening 30th of October, 1922.  A list of the distinguished guests follows;

D.D.G.M. - Rt. W. Bro. W. F. Fawcett of McNab Lodge No. 169, Port Colborne.

P.D.D.G.M. - Rt. W. Bro. J. C. Lymburner of Clifton Lodge No. 254, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

W. Bro. P. E. Holmes, St. George's Lodge No. 15, St. Catharines.

W. Bro. S. J. Inksater, Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103, St. Catharines.

W. Bro. J. Cuthbert, McNab Lodge No. 169, Port Colborne.

W. Bro. D. Burt, McNab Lodge No. 169, Port Colborne.

W. Bro. A. Neff, McNab Lodge No. 169, Port Colborne.

W. Bro. D. McCracken, McNab Lodge No. 169, Port Colborne.

W. Bro. David Walker, Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.

W. Bro. L. S. O'Connor, Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.

W. Bro. D. J. Munroe, Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.

W. Bro. William Wheeler, Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.

W. Bro. D. McCrea, Clifton Lodge No. 254, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

W. Bro. N. J. Lockhart, Temple Lodge No. 296, St. Catharines.

W. Bro. George Gander, Occidental Lodge No. 776, Buffalo, N.Y.

Accompanied by 47 Master Masons from neighbouring Lodges.




            The Lodge roll shows a total of 16 Initiations and 1 Affiliation for the year 1923 and on 25th October 1923 Adanac Lodge was Constituted, Consecrated and Dedicated.  The Ceremony was under the direction of the Most Worshipful Master, W. J. Drape whose Mother Lodge was Union Lodge No. 7, Grimsby and he was assisted by D.D.G.M. Rt. W. Bro. A. B. Damude of Phoenix Lodge No. 535, Fonthill.

Other Officers of the ceremony were;

Acting Grand Junior Warden -    W. Bro. Charles S. Rose, Myrtle Lodge No. 337, Port Robinson.

I.P.G.C. -                                      W. Bro. E. Sheppard, Mount Lodge No. 221, Thorold.

Grand Director of Ceremonies - W. Bro. W. F. Randall, Union Lodge No. 7, Grimsby.

Acting Grand S. -                        W. Bro. Charles Fisher, Phoenix Lodge No. 535, Fonthill.

Acting Grand S. S. -                    W. Bro. F. H. Clark, Phoenix Lodge No. 535, Fonthill.

Acting Ark Bearer -                    W. Bro. George Stanley, Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.

Acting Ark Bearer -                    W. Bro. H. C. Mawdsley, Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.

Grand Sword Bearer -                 W. Bro. Robert L. Dunn, Perfection Lodge No. 616, St. Catharines.

Grand G. D. -                             W. Bro. William Barron, Phoenix Lodge No. 535, Fonthill.

Acting C. D. -                             W. Bro. William T. Thompson, Adanac Lodge No. 614, St. Catharines.

Acting G. Purs. -                        W. Bro. John C. Halliday, Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold.


                Adanac's growth was steady and it became increasingly apparent that the quarters at 337 Merritt Street had become too cramped.  Encouraged by the enthusiasm of the brethren, a stock company was formed and called the "Merritton Masonic Ltd."  The money so raised was used to purchase and furnish the new quarters at 341 Merritt Street, Merritton.


            On January 5th, 1928 the new facility was dedicated by R. W. Bro. Fralick, D.D.G.M., who's "Mother" Lodge was Copestone No. 373, Welland.  He was assisted by P.D.D.G.M. Charles S. Ross of Myrtle Lodge No. 337, Port Robinson, P.D.D.G.M., T. O. Johnson of Seymour Lodge No. 277, Port Dalhousie and V. W. Bro. Robert L. Dunn of Perfection Lodge No. 616, St. Catharines.


            At the Convocation of the Grand Lodge in July of 1938, W. Bro. S. A. Moffatt was elected D.D.G.M., Niagara District "A" and he, along with V. W. Bro. D. A. Cameron became Adanac's own first Grand Lodge Officers.


            A visit from the Most Worshipful the Grand Master is always a highlight of any Masonic District and Merritton was so honoured on 24th March, 1939 when M. W. Bro. W. J. Dunlop, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario was received on behalf of Niagara District "A" at a reception held for him in the auditorium of the Merritton High School.  While the arrangements were shared by the various Lodges of the District, Adanac's Past Masters were commended for their share in the tremendous success of the affair.


            On two occasions it has been necessary for Worshipful Masters to serve more than one term.  The first was in 1940 when W. Bro. Robert Barr completed the term of W. Bro. Francis Kennedy who passed to the Grand Lodge Above shortly after his Installation and then again in 1944 when enlistments of junior officers to the Military Services during World War II disrupted the sequence of promotions and W. Bro. Duncan Schooley served as Worshipful Master for the years 1944 and 1945.


            Merritton and Adanac Lodge were again honoured on 22nd November, 1946 when it was chosen as the site for the reception of the Grand Master, M. W. Bro. C. S. Hamilton by Niagara District "A" and "B".


             Another remarkable and milestone event in the history of this relatively young Lodge occurred on the 23rd May 1946.  On this special occasion, a father Alexander Ednie Sr., Alex Ednie Jr., and John Ednie were received into the Lodge.  The Officers of the Lodge, cognizant of the importance of the occasion and anticipating a record turnout, transferred the meeting to the Masonic Hall on Ontario Street in St. Catharines.  Their belief that the uniqueness of the event would fill the Lodge room was justified for the Tyler's Register records a total of 185 names with 21 Past Grand Lodge Officers in attendance.


            Many of the more elderly Brethren of Adanac Lodge, particularly those from the British Isles, have seen and possible worn, hand embroidered aprons.  Such an apron was displayed and much admired in 1942 on the occasion of the Initiation of Bro. George G. F. Rorison.  His father Bro. Thomas D. Rorison, a member of St. John Lodge No. 175, Greenock, Scotland was present and placed on his son an apron which had been handed down in the Rorison family as far as could be ascertained, since the early 1800's and was the handiwork of Bro. Rorison's Great Grandmother.


            In July 1950 it was Adanac's turn to be honoured with the Office of D.D.G.M. for Niagara District "A" and W. Bro. Robert Barr was elected and V. W. Bro. John Storrie became his District Secretary.


            The year 1956 saw all the outstanding shares redeemed and in 1957 the Lodge and the store below became the property of Adanac Lodge #614.


            Adanac Lodge, being young in years, had not at this writing attained the status when her own members were eligible for long service medals, but several of her Charter Members were so honoured by their association with their "Mother" Lodge.  Bro. Ed Stuart, who was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold was presented with his 50 year jewel in December 1956 by that Lodge and on 6th February 1958, W. Bro. William T. Thompson who was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Dufferin Lodge No. 338, Wellandport received his jewel in Adanac Lodge.

            W. Bro. George Adam, who had been Initiated, Passed and Raised in Defensive Band Lodge no. 151 in Edinburgh, Scotland, was the third such Recipient.  On 21st May, 1959, R. W. Bro. A. E. Russell, D.D.G.M. of Niagara District "A", in conjunction with W. Bro. Adam's three sons, all being members of the Craft, made the presentation at an Emergent Meeting in Adanac Lodge No. 614, called for that purpose.  The evening's entertainment was under the direction of the Scottish Craftsmen of the St. Catharines District of whom W. Bro. Adam was a member of long standing and they recognized his contribution to their organization with suitable gifts for himself and Mrs. Adam.  It was an evening long to be remembered and cherished.

            The next occasion for such a presentation was on Wednesday, October 12th, 1960 in Seymour Lodge No. 277, Port Dalhousie when W. Bro. Axel Johnson was so honoured.  The presentation was made by R. W. Bro. Wilfred Crandon who was also a member of both Lodges and the reminiscences which followed were heart-warming in their fraternal fellowship.

            On Thursday evening 5th January, 1961, a Charter Member of Adanac Lodge Bro. W. Fred Davidson who was Initiated, Passed and Raised in Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold in the year 1910, and who had served Adanac Lodge No. 614 long and faithfully as Treasurer and Merritton Masonic Co. Ltd. (stock holders of the Adanac Lodge No. 614 building fund) as President was so honoured.  The presentation was made by R. W. Bro. Fred Allison, the D.D.G.M. of Niagara District "A" for 1960-1961 and he commended to the brethren present, Bro. Davidson's long years of service.


            50 year jewels are none too common and 50 year Past Master Jewels are rare indeed. But, on the evening of March 18th, 1964, W. Bro. William T. Thompson who had served as Master of Dufferin Lodge No. 338, Wellandport for the year 1911 and who afterwards became a Charter Member of Adanac Lodge No. 614 was presented with this distinctive jewel by R. W. Bro. A. Barnes, D.D.G.M. of Niagara District "A".  A delegation of brethren from his "Mother" Lodge attended and all expressed their pleasure that W. Bro. Thompson's health was such that he was able to receive his jewel in open Lodge with so many brethren present to extend their congratulations.


            Visitors from many area Lodges and a delegation from the U.S.A. attended the regular meeting of Adanac Lodge on June 5th, 1969 to witness the presentation to W. Bro. George Adam of his 60 year pin by D.D.G.M. R. W. Bro. L. Stringer.  W. Bro. Adams' 3 sons were also in attendance and assisted in the ceremony.  The Scottish Craftsmen were also well represented and expressed their appreciation of W. Bro. Adam's association with them by a gift as a token of their esteem



            Throughout the years, the Lodge Furnishings have been augmented and replaced by gifts from members and visiting Craftsmen, and all reflect the artistry and painstaking workmanship of their donors.


            The Brethren of the Hayes Steel Craftsmen have used the Lodge Rooms for their practice sessions for many years and have shown their appreciation on several occasions. 

            In 1940, this took the form of a handsome Worshipful Masters Collar complete with jewel, while in 1946 they replaced the original Master and Warden's Pedestals with the ones which were thereafter in place until the year 1962.

            During the years of World War II, the absence of a flag in the Lodge Room was noted and in 1941 this need was filled with a large Union Jack and staff.  The staff was the work of Bro. Robert E. Maloney, a Hayes Steel employee, who was also responsible for a beautifully executed set of Fellowcraft working tools and the first replica of Jacob's ladder to be used in Adanac Lodge.


                        For many years, the Brethren of the Scottish Craftsmen have been highly regarded over a goodly portion of Southern Ontario for their interpretations of the three established degrees as well as the Installation ceremony and they have shown their appreciation for the use of Adanac's rooms by presenting to the Lodge in 1944 a handsome set of Entered Apprentice Working Tools complete with stand and again in 1945 when the gift was a pulpit sized Volume of the Sacred Law.  At the death of Bro. James Rennie, they presented as a memorial, the replica of Jacob's ladder we now use.


            The Gavel now in use in the East is a gift from the Craftsmen of the Ontario Paper Company and was presented in 1950.  It replaced one which had been presented in 1939 by the Brethren of the North American Cyanamid.


            During the use of our Lodge Rooms for practice the Brethren of Niagara Lodge No. 2 noted the absence of an Organ Light and ended the makeshift arrangement currently in use by the presentation in 1950 of the lamp we now enjoy.


            In 1955, Bro. William Duff presented an illuminated picture of Queen Elizabeth II to hang in the East.  In the same year, Bro. Joseph Delaney constructed and presented to the Lodge, Marble tops for all three Pedestals and hand carved Gavels for the use of the Junior and Senior Wardens.


            On December 3rd, 1959 the thanks of the Lodge was expressed by motion to Bro. Charles Sandison for the presentation of 3 nylon flags mounted on appropriate staffs - a Red Ensign, The Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes of our neighbours to the south.


            The visit of the D.D.G.M., R. W. Bro. W. W. McDonald, who's "Mother" Lodge was Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold was the occasion for an interesting ceremony on 4th February, 1960 and was hoped to be the beginning of an established custom.  The Past Master's Jewel of W. Bro. Robert Gibson, who was Master of Adanac under Dispensation, was presented to the Lodge by V. W. Bro. Fred Pew of Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold, a nephew of W. Bro. Gibson's and that of R. W. Bro. Robert Barr, Adanac's representative of the Grand Master in 1950.  The presentation was made by R. W. Bro. McDonald.  W. Bro. Walter smith, in whose mind the idea originated and at whose instigation the display frame was prepared, accepted the jewels on behalf of Adanac Lodge.


            Throughout the years 1960/1961, the appearance of the Lodge room was greatly enhanced and the relative comfort of the members assured, by the purchase and renovating of a quantity of theatre seats as well as the enclosing and panelling of the East and part of the North walls.  The labour was entirely voluntary and the Lodge is indebted to these brethren for the free-will gift of their time and energy.



            In the normal course of events, the Office of D.D.G.M. for Niagara District "A" would not have come to Adanac Lodge No. 614 until July, 1963.  However, St. George's Lodge No. 15, St. Catharines whose year would normally have been 1961 wished to defer their choice until 1963 to coincide with their 150 year anniversary and Adanac Lodge was thereby accorded the privilege of filling that Office in 1961.

            At the Grand Lodge Convocation on July 19, 1961 W. Bro. Alpheus V. Hammond was elected as D.D.G.M. of Niagara District "A" and the following brethren were appointed to District Offices;

District Secretary                                            W. Bro. George Wills

District Chaplain                                             Bro. Rev. Thomas Smith

District Supervisor Masonic Education           W. Bro. David Muir of Smithville

District Blood Donor Chairman                       W. Bro. Walter Smith


            In honour of the above occasion, Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Wills presented to the Lodge new Warden's Columns in their husbands names.



            In March, 1962 the wooden door knockers, in use since the founding of the Lodge, having served their usefulness, were replaced with new metal door knockers by the Past Masters of the Lodge.


            On the morning of Good Friday, April 20th, 1962, fire broke out in the single story portion of the store below the Lodge Hall.  The interior was damaged considerably and a hole burned through the roof, but the prompt arrival of the firemen confined the blaze to this area and the Lodge Room itself suffered only minor damage from water and smoke.


            In June of 1965 a new outdoor sign was procured through the good offices of Bro. Harry Ruddell.


            At the 110th annual Convocation of the Grand Lodge on July 21st and 22nd, 1965 Adanac Lodge No. 614 was honoured by having one of its members, W. Bro. Walter Smith elevated to the rank of Grand Steward in recognition of his long and faithful service to his Lodge.  He was presented with his regalia at an Emergent Meeting on November 25th, 1965.


            Also in November 1965, the gratitude of the Lodge was expressed to W. Master-Elect, Bro. Charles Sandison for his presentation to the Lodge of a custom built kitchen cabinet.  It filled a badly needed want and should gladden the hearts of Stewards for many years to come.


            In January 1966, W. Bro. F. Collard, District Supervisor of Masonic Education for the year 1965/1966 presented the Lodge with a new Canadian Maple Leaf flag as a gesture of good will.


            During the summer recess of 1966 the Lodge Room floor was covered with plywood and then tiled by some of the Officers and Brethren and albeit with some professional help, the Mosaic Pavement was inlaid.  The result was something unique in this District and the favourable comments justified the time and expense.


            In an effort to stimulate visitation, in February 1967 W. Bro. Charles Sandison presented to the Lodge an oversized gavel which was to be known as the Travelling Gavel.  It was promoted that any Lodge could claim it from the current "holding" Lodge by having the largest number of visitors attending any regular meeting and it was hoped that by this means, many new friendships would be formed and fraternal fellowships enjoyed.


            The original Altar which had served the Lodge since its inception was replaced with a new one at an Emergent Meeting held on April 26th, 1967 and it was dedicated by Bro. Rev. Thomas Smith of Elm St. United Church, Merritton.


            In September, 1967, the thanks of the brethren were suitably conveyed to the Worshipful Master and his Officers for their efforts in the further redecorating of the Lodge Hall interior during the summer recess and to the Trustees for the painting of the exterior.



            Adanac Lodge has been favoured over the years with the presence of many American brethren at our assemblies.  Several of these American brethren noted that the American flag displayed at Adanac Lodge was outdated, decided to replace it with one having the correct number of stars.  In order that the event should have added significance, they secured one which had been the distinction of having been flown over the Congress Building in Washington, D.C.

            The prestigious flag was presented to W. Bro. Donald Grimshaw on the evening of his Installation as Worshipful Master of Adanac Lodge No. 614 on December 7th, 1967 by W. Bro. Donald Patterson and Past Master W. Bro. Harvey Newcomb of Christopher G. Fox Lodge #1021, Depew, N.Y.  A certificate accompanies each such flag and was also presented at that time verifying its authenticity.

            On the same evening, W. Bro. William Wray who had been Initiated, Passed and Raised in Doric Kilwinning Lodge, Port Glasgow, Scotland was presented with his 50 year pin by W. Bro. George Adam and who suitable welcomed him into the 50 Year Club.


            In January, 1968, the new American flag was augmented by 2 new flags, all furnished with new poles and stands under the Chairmanship of V.W. Bro. Walter Smith and the Lodge also extended a hearty vote of thanks to W. Bro. Sid Delaney for his presentation of a new kneeling bench and for his ingenuity in refinishing the Altar Lights to match the decor of the new Altar.


            In January 1969, through the efforts of V.W. Bro. Walter Smith and W. Bro. Sid Delaney, the Pillars in the West were adorned with new Chapiters.  Their original design and the artistry of their adornment made them unique and their beauty added one more touch to the overall picture of the room.


            In February, 1969, the thanks of the Lodge was expressed to Bro. George Cook for his presentation to the Lodge of stainless-steel wand receptacles.  They were both ornamental and conserving of space and a vast improvement over the ones which had been in use since the Lodge inception.

            In the 1930's Lodge visitations were popular with visits being made to Drayton, Wellandport, Port Colborne, Welland, Thorold, and Smithville and one can readily imagine that those visits were somewhat trying given the transportation available at the time.

            The visits tapered off as they were replaced to some degree as teams of Travelling Craftsmen became more popular.  Such teams were made up of Scottish Craftsmen, Police, School Teachers, Hayes Steel Craftsmen and Paper Mill Craftsmen to name just a few.

            In one such documented event, an Emergent Meeting was held in the St. Catharines Memorial Temple at Court and Centre Streets in downtown St. Catharines on Saturday evening 26th October, 1963.  The Third Degree was exemplified for the Brethren of the South Hills Fraternity of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. 

            209 American Brethren, representing some 30 Masonic Lodges of the Pittsburgh area arrived on Saturday afternoon, were banqueted at the Hotel Queensway and the following day, Sunday, they were escorted on a sight-seeing trip and shown different points of historic interest in the Niagara District.

            In appreciation, the following Spring they presented a Masonic Bible to Adanac Lodge No. 614.  The presentation was made by two of the Officers of the club on the occasion of their being in this area, and the Bible was received on behalf of Adanac Lodge by W. Bro. John Hanna.

            Again on Saturday, 14th April, 1966, Adanac Lodge played host to 45 American visitors from Lodge No.61 and Landmark Lodge No. 442 of Wilkes Barr, Pennsylvania.  Supper was provided in the St. Paul Street United Church and in the evening, the Third Degree was exemplified in the Court Street Temple.  The following day, they were conducted on a scenic tour of the District.  In appreciation, they presented the Lodge with an engraved Gavel.


Note from the Author R.W. Bro. Alpheus V. Hammond:


            In the realization that, with the passing of time, each of us individually must come to the parting of the ways, no attempt has been made in this writing to record the ascension to the Grand Lodge Above of any of the members; nor the departure of any of the brethren who for reasons of their own, have ceased to hold communion with their Masonic brothers.


Charter Members Adanac Lodge No. 614

Robert A. Gibson                     Mountain Lodge No. 221, Thorold, Ontario

Hugh L. Savigny                                   "                      "

Samuel A. Moffatt                               "                      "                                 

Robert S. Bradley                                "                      "

Joseph D. Hilts                                    "                      "

W. Fred Davidson                                "                      "

James J. Keating                                  "                      "

J. F. Vanderburgh M.D.                       "                      "

William Shearman                              "                      "

Fred W. Kerr                                       "                      "

Thomas Clark                                      "                      "

Robert Stuart                                      "                      "

Arthur Watson                                    "                      "

James W. Prophet                               "                      "

John Reid                                            "                      "

Fred Sutherland                                  "                      "

David D. Dundas                                  "                      "

George E. Barge                                  "                      "

Herbert L. Almon D.D.                        "                      "

Charles Wheeler                                 "                      "

Robert Carmichael                             "                      "

Robert H. Ford                                    "                      "

Edward Stuart                                     "                      "

Thomas Coley                                     "                      "

Charles Newell                                    "                      "

Charles E. Weaver                               "                      "

Percy R. Embury                                  "                      "

Russell Frankish                       Maple Leaf Lodge No. 103, St. Catharines, Ontario

George A. Wilson                                "                      "

C. R. Kline                                            "                      "

Lloyd Richardson                                 "                      "

Christopher J. Hastings                       "                      "

L. Roy Thompson                                 "                      "

H. J. Thurman                          St. George's Lodge No. 15, St. Catharines, Ontario

David F. Sharpe                       Maple Leaf Lodge No. 119, Bath, Ontario

William T. Thompson              Dufferin Lodge No. 338, Wellandport, Ontario

Stanley A. Carson                    Russell Lodge No. 479, Russell, Ontario

Walter Price                            Niagara Lodge No. 2, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

L. H. Mitchell                          Onandaga Lodge No. 519, Caledonia, Ontario

Peter Rennie                           St. Machor Lodge No. 319, Aberdeen, Scotland

Archie Russell                         Solomon Lodge No. 197, Kasberbrough, Scotland

George Adam                          Defensive Band Lodge No. 151, Edinburgh, Scotland

Thomas Fairburne                   Occidental Lodge No. 766, Buffalo, N. Y.


Worshipful Masters Adanac Lodge No. 614

1922               W. Bro. Robert A. Gibson                    1963                W. Bro. John Hanna

1923 U.D.        W. Bro. Robert A. Gibson                    1964                W. Bro. Sydney Delaney

1924                W. Bro. Hugh L. Savigny                      1965                W. Bro. Gordon Mansfield

1925                W. Bro. Samuel A. Moffatt                  1966                W. Bro. Charles Sandison

1926                W. Bro. Robert S. Bradley                    1967                W. Bro. Norman W. Horne

1927                W. Bro. Robert Stuart                          1968                W. Bro. Donald Grimshaw

1928                W. Bro. Fred H. Sutherland                  1969                W. Bro. David S. Horne

1929                W. Bro. James S. Prophet                    1970                W. Bro. Roy Binning

1930                W. Bro. Fred W. Kerr

1931                W. Bro. Robert Carmichael

1932                W. Bro. Axel Johnson

1933                W. Bro. Charles Wheeler

1934                W. Bro. George Adam

1935                W. Bro. R. Auldum Bradley

1936                W. Bro. Alphonse Brisson

1937                W. Bro. Dave A. Cameron

1938                W. Bro. Robert Barr

1939                W. Bro. Alpheus V. Hammond

1940                W. Bro. Francis Kennedy*

1940                W. Bro. Robert Barr

1941                W. Bro. James Rennie

1942                W. Bro. William Johnson

1943                W. Bro. Thomas G. Finch

1944                W. Bro. Duncan Schooley

1945                W. Bro. Duncan Schooley

1946                W. Bro. John Storrie

1947                W. Bro. Frank McClymont

1948                W. Bro. Archie McKillop

1949                W. Bro. William C. Adam

1950                W. Bro. Harry W. Rennie

1951                W. Bro. Leslie Skipper

1952                W. Bro. William Wray

1953                W. Bro. George Wills

1954                W. Bro. Wilfred Stevenson

1955                W. Bro. James Nelson

1956                W. Bro. Daniel Adam

1957                W. Bro. Harry Popiluk

1958                W. Bro. Clark Fullerton

1959                W. Bro. Walter Smith

1960                W. Bro. David Barr

1961                W. Bro. William Binning

1962                W. Bro. Alex Thompson                     


Adanac Lodge No. 614 New Members


                        1923                                                                            1926

James Rennie                                                              Alex McKay*

Leonard C. Channell                                                    David A. Cameron*

William Barry                                                              T. F. Lloyd*

Augustus D. Roberts* M.D.                                        J. Alex Craig*

George Pirie                                                                Alex Watson

Thomas Allan                                                              William O. Wilson

Victor Patton                                                               Gerald Morrow

Thomas Wilson                                                           R. J. Williams Passed and Raised

W. Earl Bradley                                                           at the request of Twin City Lodge

George Runchy                                                            No. 309, Kitchener, Ontario

Thomas Legge

Robert Auldum Bradley                                                                      1927

William J. Clark                                                           Joseph L. Smythe*

William V. Richardson                                                 Joseph A. Barge

Reginald Morrow                                                        Frank Bassett

Eden Darling                                                               George T. Wilson

Fred Sargent                                                               Francis W. Kennedy

James Cameron was Passed                                       C. Hibbert Neil

And Raised at the request                                          George F. Bradley

Of his "Mother" Lodge                                                Valney Stuart

Dyment Lodge No. 442


                        1924                                                    Jack M. Barclay*

Axel Johnson*                                                              Richard O. Leeson

Stanley Alsop                                                               John E. McFarlane

Archie Rushton

James Collins

Lloyd E. Richardson                                                                             1929

                                                                                    John S. McDonald

                        1925                                                    Norman G. Thomas

Charles Baikie*                                                           Richard Metherell

Samuel Tenbroeck                                                      Alpheus V. Hammond

Dalton Salter                                                               Alphonse Brisson

Frank Grimshaw                                                          Robert Barr


 Adanac Lodge No. 614 New Members


                        1930                                                                1937

Art Misener                                                                 Thomas G. Finch*

Maurice W. Phelps                                                      William C. Adam

Alex Stewart                                                                Harrison Heath

John Wilson

Joseph W. Stewart D. D.                                                         1938

                                                                                    William Wray*

                        1931                                                     William Snedden*

Hugh J. Main                                                               Alfred Owen

Frederick O. Leeson                                                    Archie McKillop

                                                                                    Robert King

                        1932                                                    James Colquhoun

G. D. Aitkin                                                                  William Fairchild

Charles Munro                                                            Samuel Clark

Wright Partington                                                       Charles Spicer

William C. Johnson                                                      Joseph Gillis

William McRoberts                                                     Stanley Finlay


                        1933                                                                1939

James Hargrave                                                          George Walker*

                                                                                    John Buchanan

                        1934                                                    Andrew Walls

Ed. Burt                                                                       W. Joseph Shee

William Walls                                                              John S. Storrie

James S. Patterson                                                      Frank McClymont

Ed. A. Nash

John E. Robertson                                                                   1940

                                                                                    Norman B. Adam

                        1935                                                    Wilfred Hastie

Wilfred G. Crandon* P. M.                                         Harry Rennie

A. J. Wyant* P. M.

George Crawford                                                                    1941

James Forrester                                                          David McGill

Wilfred Mills                                                               Basil Wilson

                                                                                    David Jeffrey

                        1936                                                    Robert Maloney

Murdo McDonald                                                       George Rorison

Roy Watson

Findlay McDonald      

F. Maurice Dobson                                                     

Duncan Schooley

Fred Sutton

Adanac Lodge No. 614 New Members


                        1942                                                                1946

Daniel G. Adam                                                           John McNichol*

Roy Binning                                                                 Thomas Wilson*

Joseph Butler                                                              Alex McDonald

Wilfred Stevenson                                                       Leslie E. Raby

Arthur W. Hind                                                            Walter LePoidevin

James McCallum                                                         Arthur Criger

                                                                                    Freeman J. McFadden

                        1943                                                    William G. Goodwill

Albert Essex                                                                Harry Popiluk

Fred Moulton                                                              Alex Ednie Sr.

Clark Fullerton                                                            Alex Ednie Jr.

Leslie Skipper                                                              John Ednie

Rocci Spagnoletti                                                        Thomas Cowan

Thomas Wedsworth

Lawrence R. Steele                                                                  1947

George Wills                                                               Frank Phelps*

William Gibson                                                            Fred J. G. Collins*

                                                                                    Norman K. Wilmoth

                        1944                                                    Albert Victor Morris

James E. Downes                                                         Carl F. Angle

James Nelson                                                              George F. Young

Robert Lamb                                                               Robert J. Green

Russel Skipper

John Munro                                                                             1948

Harold Sutton                                                              Edward F. Field*

Lloyd Hind                                                                   William Duff*                                     

Henry Curry                                                                Joseph MacPherson*

Walter Smith                                                               William E. Fenton*                                                                                                                             

                        1945                                                    Robert Rennie

C. P. Wilson*                                                               William Marshall

John Cuthbert                                                             Neil K. Timmerman

Gerald Wilsher                                                            W. Fred Downes

Sidney Loucks                                                              Argo McKenny

Albert C. Robinson                                                      Archibald Russell

Lloyd Little                                                                  William Russell

James Clark                                                                 William MacPherson

William Bowes                                                            Matthew Wallace

Gilbert F. Turner                                                         Gilbert H. Thompson

F. Taber Earle                                                             Fred W. Jones

Warren T. Bryan                                                                    

Adanac Lodge No. 614 New Members



                        1949                                                                1952

Archie Smith                                                                Daniel D. Gammon*

Maurice White                                                            Albert J. Cochrane Jr.

James Shires                                                                Carmen E. Srigley

Harold C. Earle                                                            Ian A. McDonald

Albert J. Cochron                                                        Lawrence H. McGinn

Donald Grimshaw                                                       William R. Binning

                                                                                    John Dempsey

                        1950                                                    Elwood A. Stark

Edward Glen Rankin* P. M.

Francis D. Fluellon                                                                   1953

David Leitch                                                                Reginald J. Stoneman*

William E. Voss                                                            Arnold Stark

Paul R. Guse                                                                Alexander Thompson

Edward Horrocks                                                        Murray Sinclair Bowes

David J. Barr                                                                Francis Hagar

                                                                                    James Wallace

                        1951                                                    Allan R. Wallace

Bernard Heywood* D. D.                                            William T. Graves

John Bowie                                                                  John L. Hagar

William White                                                             Earl E. Mattres

Robert S. McPherson                                                  James H. Smith

Robert B. Peck                                                             Edward Blake Richardson

Adelbert H. Kaitting                                                    Vernon B. Humphrey

Dalton L. Kniffen                                                         Frank R. Kaupp

James R. Delaney                                                        Wilfred Anderson

Anthony Sagloski

Walter Wormald                                                                     1954                                       

Raymond Forget                                                         William R. McIntosh

Edward H. Tanner                                                       Frank E. Adlam

Raymond J. Perry                                                        Edward L. Loucks

Alexander Chornley                                                    James Martin

D. R. Burridge was passed                                           Alan M. Duff

And raised at the request                                           Leonard Magarrey                             

Of Birch Cliff Lodge No. 612,                                       John Watson

Toronto.                                                                      Arnold Bradley

Warren Smith was passed                                          George C. Harrower

And raised at the request                                           Walter Crosbie

Of Caledonian Lodge No. 249,                                    John McIntosh

Midland, Ontario.                                                       William Newell

                                                                                    William H. Buchner

Adanac Lodge No. 614 New Members



                        1955                                                                1959

John E. Hanna                                                             George W. Cherrington*

Gerald Bretherick                                                       Albert Martin*

Cecil Freeman                                                             John Ruddell*

Albert T. Shadd                                                            David S. Horne                                               

John E. Henderson                                                      Henry C. Lawrence

Sidney W. Delaney

Lewis Shedden                                                                        1960

Richard H. Smythe                                                       Rev. Joseph William Nowe*

                                                                                    Rev. Thomas Smith*

                        1956                                                    Allan Ferguson

Charles R. Clarkson                                                     John Williams

Walter Head                                                                James Powell

Sidney N. Hough                                                         Delford Hymers

Harley Johnson                                                            Felix Ahle was passed and

John G. McNaughton                                                  raised at the request of

George Brown                                                             Royal Oak Lodge No. 85,

Robert Carmichael Jr.                                                 Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

William Strong

Gordon Mansfield

Harry B. Went                                                                         1961

                                                                                    John W. Ashburn*

                        1957                                                    James Murison*

Joseph Busch                                                               Robert Wedsworth Darling*

Keith Woodhouse                                                        Arthur F. Harcombe

Frederick Freeman                                                      Glen A. McDonald

Frederick Hallahan                                                      Robert K. Taylor

Asa Pierce                                                                   Thomas G. Somerville

Carl Sandison                                                              Kenneth William Mahood

Francis H. Barrow                                                       James Henry Neelin


                        1958                                                                1962

Ronald Brown                                                             Robert Edgar Campbell*

Leonard White                                                            George Arthur Mitchell

Norman Horne                                                            Glen Ray McGregor

William Murdoch                                                        Dennis E. Jones

Kevin Spagnoletti                                                        James E. Whitfield

                                                                                    Delbert Vye

                                                                                    Ronald W. Chambers



Adanac Lodge No. 614 New Members



                        1963                                                                1968

Robert E. Bradley                                                        Wilfred B. Savory

William C. Page                                                           John C. Renwick

Charles W. Weech                                         

Gerhard Freimanis                                                                  1969

Douglas Hay                                                                Richard Ahle*

John A. Bradley                                                           Harold Plummer*

Gerald C. O'Donnell                                                    George Henry Dauphney

Alexander Beveridge                                                  John Fraser

Angus Morrison                                                          David J. Abraham

Jack Andrusevich

Victor Redekopp

Lorne M. Chambers



Donald Richard Maddox

Lewis Joseph Griffin

Francis Grimshaw

Glen Wayne Chambers

Michael Scott Chambers

William Edmond Bradley

Robert Alex McIntosh



John Storrie Jr.

Roy Featherstone

William E. Kellett

Thomas H. Cook



Vincent Williams

Andrew M. Yachuk



John Wilson

Robert H. J. Westover

Marquis W. Clendenning

Clarence C. Campbell*

James Bordon

William J. Leeson

George H. Cook

In the interest of picking up from where R. W. Bro Hammond left off, this notation is the preamble of what may follow under the care of a dedicated Historian yet to be named.


Volume 2       


            In Volume 1, we learned that Adanac Lodge No. 614 was instituted on October 30th, 1922 just as the world was recovering from the global horror of WW1 (1914-1918).  Of course there were many hardships yet to follow throughout the years with the onset of the Great Depression (1929-1939) but it's worthy of note that despite all of that, Adanac Lodge No. 614 was swiftly followed by another new Lodge Perfection No. 616 on October, 1923.   The Great Depression ended with the start of World War II (1939-1945) and albeit these times were turbulent, Adanac Lodge No. 614 from its inception to the end of WWII in 1945, Initiated 144 new members into the Fraternity and went on to Initiate a further 93 members by the end of 1969 (end of volume 1).

            In all, 237 new members knelt at the Altar in those 45 years, an average of approximately 5 new members per year.  Presumably, during that time period, all of the other then existing Lodges were enjoying the same or similar increases in membership.


            As we now undertake the research and writing of a second volume of the History of Adanac Lodge No. 614, we must also ensure that we maintain an awareness of the effects of the changes in community economics and social interaction upon Freemasonry in particular but also on other social organizations and even churches in the days to come.



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