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For your Information as requested by the Grand Secretary, GLC, PofO:
From the Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Alberta:
Good Morning Brethren:
It would appear that Freemasons are also the target for bilkers.  The above noted has travelled in our Province and most recently in the Didsbury/Olds area.  He claims to be a Brother Master Mason who has been struck with tough times.  His Modus Operandi is as follows:

         Brother Master Masons from Moncton, NB

         Looking for a job

         Going through a messy divorce - needs help financially

         Claims to have a child in special needs - needs financial support

         Approaches on Thursday or Fridays for help

         Needs money for rent

         Claims a cheque from Unemployment coming on Monday

         Disappears over night

         Claims his vehicle is inoperable

         Claims to be working for Precision Drilling in the Didsbury/Olds area

Vaughan is about 40 years old.  He has received some money from Freemasons.  He has apparently been successful in Manitoba. 
This man is not a Freemason.  He has come to the attention of this office in previous years, but not successful in receiving any financial support from the Grand Lodge.  I do believe that he has come to the Calgary Freemasons Hall after hours looking for financial help, on occasions he has been successful and other times the Lodge members have sent him travelling.  Please be aware of this individual and do not allow yourself or the Lodge to be bilked.
Fraternally yours,
Jerry W. Kopp
Grand Secretary
The Grand Lodge of Alberta

John E. Stevens
District Deputy Grand Master
London East District

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